"In Each Darkness Inside, Kristin Brace lovingly offers

a field guide to existence. With care and balance, Brace catalogs the joys of life while navigating the traumas of living. She helps us thread the intimate tension between our bodies, language, and the natural world. Each poem blooms and shudders, reminding us that our rapture and sorrow share the same afternoon light.”

—Rob Kenagy


"With poignancy and precision, Each Darkness Inside expertly examines

the everyday invisible thing: a childhood memory, a daydream of another place, the lingering effects of illness in the body, "...[a] stranger's radio [playing] softly [on] the other side of the wall." The lasting gift of Brace's insightful poems is this: the reader can't help but start to see the subtle significance of—and to better appreciate—the exterior world around, the interior world within.”

—Colleen Alles, author of Induction: Poems for My New Daughter


"With the ephemeral moments she paints

in her chapbook Each Darkness Inside, Kristin Brace transforms everyday objects and places into small, but mighty masterpieces. With her vivid and visceral renderings of the seemingly ordinary … , the poet encapsulates moments, holding the reader in an altered realm of time and space. It is in these moments, tiny raindrops among many, that we are invited to explore a painterly world of love, grief, and what it is to be human.”

—Brooke Harris, Poet & Educator