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2018 Wheelbarrow Books Prize for Poetry

Kristin's full-length poetry manuscript Toward the Wild Abundance has been selected for the 2018 Wheelbarrow Books Prize for Poetry. It will be published in late 2019 by Michigan State University Press. 

"Toward the Wild Abundance by Kristin Brace conjures emotions initiated by the frailty and wonder of our lives [...] These kaleidoscopic poems [...] pose questions about how our experiences inform identity and meaning. Go to your chosen place and bask in this (or any) day’s dose of her words." - Sarah Bagby, Final Judge                                     


Fence, Patio, Blessed Virgin

A poetry chapbook of a granddaughter's memories woven with narrative drawn from the final years of her grandmother's life.

Now available from Finishing Line Press.


"Kristin Brace's Fence, Patio, Blessed Virgin

takes us down a loving rabbit hole into the revelation that time and space are indeed a continuum, but not the one we have come to understand. We discover that there are many times and many spaces seamless and occurring at once. Hallucinatory in juxtaposition and structure, the narrator keeps us oriented as we enter this trans-personal history with “the old birds blurring into the new.”  –Jack Ridl


"Setting out in a Buick that sails over the prairie,

poet Kristin Brace voyages through her grandmother’s “slow winding down of the physical self.” The poems in Fence, Patio, Blessed Virgin are heart-brave. They don’t flinch from the hard knock of truth, don’t dip into easy sentiment; rather each accomplished line honors that grandmother’s complex life journey through a keen eye, an ear tuned to the marvelous music of storytelling, and admirable, elegant poetic aptitude."  –Kathleen Driskell


"Like her grandmother’s 'bushes dense / 

with raspberries,' Kristin Brace’s twin-twining threads of alternating poems in Fence, Patio, Blessed Virgin proffer bitter-sweet detail after precise detail—bitter for the inevitable and sometimes heart-breaking changes to family they depict, so sweet for their tender and heartening ways of remembering. Brace is a personal narrator, but in her poet hands, these intimate and interlaced stories celebrate the everyday of us all."  –D. R. James



Each Darkness Inside

A poetry chapbook exploring the overlooked, the interior, the unspoken.

Forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.